The goal, objectives and activities of the club “Bicycle Stryi”

The main goal of the organization is to promote active, spiritual and ensure the longevity of each member of the benefit of their families and society. Promoting environmental problems, the development of green tourism, consumption of organic products.

The objectives of the organization:

• Information – advocacy, informing consumers about the possibility of a healthy lifestyle, consumption of organic food and appropriateness of resources – energy efficiency, its positive impact on the environment;

• promote tourism, studying and learning excursion objects Carpathians;

• popularize cycling as a modern and environmentally friendly vehicles;

• analytical research, both in the form of independent projects and programs and other organizations, enterprises, on gerontology, healthy lifestyle, organic food production, resolving environmental and legal problems of those issues related to the problems and prospects innovation, investment, economic, legal development in Ukraine;

• involving international and foreign funds in the form of grants and other assistance, including targeted for carrying out projects and activities under the charter of the Organization;

• active participation in social, industrial, commercial and educational projects related to the promotion and implementation of healthy lifestyles, production and consumption of organic products, resource saving, energy saving, environmental technologies;

• conduct written and oral surveys, interviews, questionnaires, research on social issues of healthy lifestyles, consumption and production of environmentally friendly products, environmental protection, resource-saving and environment;

• creating a network of local branches in terms of their structural subordination to implement the statutory goals and objectives of the Organization.

The main areas of activity are:

  • scientific – analytical and creative;
  • propahuvalna and education;
  • cultural – educational;
  • historical – natural history;
  • sport – tour;
  • Natural and ekolohozahysna;
  • Human Rights;
  • Production and Trade.

The official website of the club 

club Director Alexander Tel. +38 067 551 83 35