SGO “The territory of Life”


Address and contact details:

Address: 82400, Україна, Львівська обл., місто Стрий, вул. Львівська, буд. 36-А

Phone number: 067-54-966-53, 063-215-24-84


Objective and activities:

Joint activity of its members, aimed at joining efforts for satisfaction and protect the rights, freedoms, legal, social, economic, educational, creative, national-cultural, sporting, spiritual and other needs and interests of its members.

The main objectives of the organization:

А) Promoting in social rehabilitation persons convicts and serving sentences in prisons; persons returning from prison; the poor, the homeless, the disabled and others in need of care.

B) Promoting the promotion of healthy lifestyles, socio-preventive work to prevent negative phenomena in families and youth.

C) Assistance in in social rehabilitation and adaptation of drug and alcohol addicted, people with HIV/AIDS.

D) Promoting in social rehabilitation orphans, the poor, the disabled, the unemployed and others in need of care.

F) Promoting the creation of favorable conditions for the harmonious development of the population, active participation in artistic and creative, spiritual, physical and recreational activities.

Experience in consultative and advisory organs:

Representatives SGO “The territory of Life” – members of public councils under Stryiska District State Administration and Lviv Regional State Administration.

Programs and projects implemented by SGO “The territory of Life”, the work done:

Action “Help Your Neighbor”

Within 3 years we have engaged in feeding homeless and poor people, spending campaign “Help Your Neighbor”, which takes place in Stry Saturday from 13h to 14h. in the street market. During the period of the shares were distributed 1,970 meals, dressed nearly 500 poor and homeless people. The action involved a team of 10 volunteers.


The chaplain directions

Regularly visited correctional colony №50 prisoners to help in the fight against addictions, conduct preventive conversations on the theme: “Harmful effects of alcohol and drugs”, “Ways of HIV / AIDS” and others. This colony of minimum security and general conditions of detention (for men sentenced to prison for a certain period).


Cooperation with the Criminal Executive Inspection and Stryi district Stryi

help people who probation, systematically provide them with advice and help pass the re-socialization.


Prevention of negative phenomena among youth

Our organization also cooperates with schools of different types. Our volunteers conduct a lecture on “Prevention of negative phenomena among youth”. This caution and do not allow the spread of drug addiction and alcoholism, train in students a love for the true values in life.


We also cooperate with Stryjskyj city centers SOCIAL SERVICES FOR FAMILY, CHILDREN AND YOUTH , help families who are in difficult circumstances and children from large families.

Joint action with Stryjskyj city centers SOCIAL SERVICES FOR FAMILY, CHILDREN AND YOUTH dedicated to the memory of deceased HIV/AIDS


Also, during the existence of the organization we have implemented the following projects:

«Stryj for a sober future»

2010-2011рр. Due to the fact that Ukraine ranks first among children’s alcoholism in Europe event was held for two consecutive years, and led the promotion of healthy lifestyles. In the action shown photos that show the consequences of drinking alcohol. Were released statistics that showed the damage that alcohol inflicts those who drink it.

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Flash mob “against addiction” 2012р.

This flash mob on its scale was the largest ever held in our city. In total more than 150 people marched through the streets Striy, illustrating that it is the problem of “fetter” people and prevent them from living a full life: smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, criminal lifestyle.


Silent this is crime

the day of action to combat drug addiction. This “silent” call, which encouraged people to talk about the problems in society, which are silent just can not! Parallel to the event were held roundtables, which were attended by representatives of police, riot police, VSHO Movement combating drug addiction and corruption, psychiatrist doctor, clergy.


«Floorball – Changes in cigarette stick»

action that promotes a healthy lifestyle; This action agitated youth volunteers to quit smoking and try yourself in Floorball – sport that is quickly gaining popularity among young people in Ukraine.


«Happy family – it’s cool»

2011р., devoted to the Day family. This is a holiday for the whole family, where the parents had a great time with their children in “Merry starts” drawing competition on the asphalt, and afterwards played prizes. Participated in the contest with mother, father and child, as a team. The holiday has left pleasant memories in the memory of all those who took part in it.


Action for Children’s Day. During the event were children’s groups with songs, poems, exciting contests were held and were given gifts! And afterward organized a lively smile of the children who came to share.


We also carry a variety of holidays for children of the town: Extreme game “for young people, board games – they encourage a healthy lifestyle.


«Christmas flash mob dance»

in 2011 SGO “The territory of Life” brought together young people, who made an impressive show to realistically enter the New Year. The slogan – dance in the new year!


«Ukraine National Flag Day»

August 23 the day of the state flag of Ukraine, SGO “The territory of Life” held Flashmob, which showed the importance of national values. The girls, dressed in yellow and blue robes danced with flags under Ukrainian music.



flashmob day to smile. SGO “The territory of Life” organized a holiday that forced smile every citizen Stryj, who met on the way our volunteers. They gave people free smile and called, at least a little, aside from their cases and simply relax.


The volunteers of our organization painted hallways children’s clinic and created a fantastic atmosphere for kids to improve their mood during a doctor visit. Next was the garden №3.


And also, in cooperation with the SGO “Youth Stryj”, “painted a blank wall.”


Systematically volunteer public organization “Territory of Life” various thematic trainings


Conducted disco «Yellow party» – disco for young people who can come off on sober.


Creative Project “Stryj Got Talent”

This project aimed to all residents and Stryi Stryi district, perfectly for people of all ages, the project helps people to uncover their special abilities.

At the casting, which lasted three days, it’s about 180 participants. Overall, it was shown 114 rooms. In the final included 40 participants, 10 of them shared the prize certificates. One participant was the overall winner and received the grand prize. By the action joined local TV “TV Lan” HPC-№34, hairdresser “Emilia” and studio for the holidays “Holy Fun”.