To promote bike as a modern, environmentally friendly transport, which is becoming more popular in the world we develop such a direction asBicycle Courier

This area has long been very popular in the world, more places Ukraine align themselves with this movement. Shipping bikes are often cheaper, faster and more mobile than the classic types of deliveries within cities.

We are ready to tell it. We are ready to deliver food, medical supplies, printing materials, documents, letters, invoices and more.

This service, as part of our cooperation offers Club Bicycle Stryy.

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Calling by phone. 067 5518335 You can ask questions, ask for authorization to perform the delivery of necessary things.

It can be:

- Documents, letters, bills
- Printing materials
- Food (Thermos)

- Shipping necessities, food in recreation (green area of the river)
- Parcels and packages

- Flowers & Gifts
- Flowers
- Medicines
- The things that you forget
- Other


- Things may not be large in size and weight (up to 7 kg., The size of a parcel not exceed 60 * 20 * 35 cm (L / W / W)
- Things should be easy to transport
- Packages, parcels before delivery courier displayed in an open form (this time)
- Valuables, papers, weapons and other items prohibited by law are not delivered
- Night, adverse weather conditions – delivery is not done
- In holidays and weekends – in agreement
- Velokur’yer leaves bicycle on the street, he does not go to apartments
- Transfer to bill the person you’ve specified. The second instance is in the courier for reporting

Bicycle courier (volunteer) must have certificate

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