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Promobayk, advertising on the bikes, it is called differently, but the principle is all the same: attract people’s attention for its uniqueness and create a positive image through creativity.

Explanation Promotional Baikov efficiency lies in the destruction of “shield” that automatically turns man to hide from thousands of announcements around. All standard advertising information filtered consciousness, but Veloreklama allows to generate interest in your ad. The novelty and a small amount promobaykov today makes this revolutionary channel advertising efficiency.

Your potential customer is already familiar instead of ignoring ads on citylights, stop yourself in your Veloreklamy to consider with interest messages.

The perfect advertising solution that lets you put your message in any place and at any time.

Promotional Rover truly opens up huge opportunities. henceforth you do not depend on the specific location sytilayta or billboard.

Any place where can ride a bike – your potential advertising spot.

Not only attracts, but also maintains attention.

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veloreklamaTerms led advertising

We present you a new, alternative and environmentally friendly form of advertising: led advertising, billboards, flyers, and other forms of promoting its brand on any events.

If you want to give of yourself to know people and clients, then BICYCLE ADVERTISING – it’s your choice! We can offer a large number of bike, put your advertising on banners in different sizes and even shapes! This is a great alternative to conventional advertising, so that we can move on you need a route, our cyclists can be dressed in your corporate style and also handing out flyers, postcards and other information, and more – more: can go accompanied with your audio recordings and slogans.

You can note how much has veloreklama turnover in Europe and abroad, and it’s an excellent example of a great success! :) Our practical bike number can be unlimited and we can participate in public events and attract the attention of your potential customers! This area of our bicycle business is developing and so we will make the most profitable for you!

Our light box on wheels can not stop no policeman or officer of the city administration. It’s just a bike!

Unusual design, internal illumination of light boxes, sound systems will attract 100% attention passers-by and drivers.

It recumbent deliver your advertisement in the necessary places where the target audience.

Our partner in this project – club “Bicycle Stryi”